Everything you wanted to know about investing but were afraid to ask. 🤔

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Do you wonder about investing in the stock market? Is it something you feel like you probably should be doing, but aren't quite sure how to tackle it?

Investing your money in the stock market can feel daunting and even scary. But it doesn't have to be that way! 😃

I was recently interviewed on the Selling the Couch podcast where Melvin and I talked all about smart ways to invest. Scroll below 👇 for the link! But first... a personal story.

A Personal Story 📚

Several years ago, I came into a lump sum of money. It wasn't a HUGE amount of money by most objective standards, but it felt like a lot to me. I knew I should invest this money in the stock market. Having worked in the financial industry most of my life, I even knew HOW I should invest the money. But I sure didn't FEEL ready to plunk my hard-earned cash into the stock market.

I was confronted with a wide range of unsettling questions that I hadn't entirely grappled with previously:

  • Am I SURE this is the right thing to do?
  • What is the absolute PERFECT AND BEST choice of mutual funds for me?
  • What if the market is super over-valued and it crashes tomorrow?
  • What even ARE these numbers from the stock market - they feel meaningless and arbitrary - it feels like there might be no there there - that doesn't feel like a safe spot to put my money!

It took me several months of entertaining these thoughts and feelings before I was finally ready to invest my money. And over that time, what did the stock market do? It kept going up and up and up. 📈 So in a sense, I made a poor financial decision: by sitting on the sidelines and not investing, I missed out on a chance to grow my money.

But you know what? That's totally ok.

I believed then - and continue to believe now - that the most important thing was for me to take the time, honor my questions, my uncertainties and YES my feelings and emotions around investing before jumping in. And then when I was ready, to take the plunge.

And the same applies to you! Honor whatever feelings you have around investing. Take time to explore and consider. And when the time is right, start taking some small actions to begin investing your money. Because it isn't important that you start investing RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY... and it is important that you DO eventually implement a smart investing plan for your future.

Selling the Couch Podcast Interview 🔊

I've been a huge fan of Melvin and his podcast for years, and I was really honored to be invited to share my thoughts on smart investing strategies with Melvin and his audience.

👉 Click here to give the episode a listen!

More Investing Resources Coming Soon! 🗞

I'm working on putting together more free resources on investing. Why? Because it IS a really important aspect of successfully managing your financial life. Not the only aspect, yet a very important one. And it doesn't need to be nearly as confusing and overwhelming as it might seem at first. Stay tuned for more details.

And if you have any questions about the right next steps for you, hit reply and ask away!


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