What if I were completely, radically and consistently kind to myself? 🤔

published5 months ago
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Hi Team,

A few months back, I met with my financial planner. The focus of our conversation was how I could continue to work on being completely, radically and consistently kind to myself.

That might not sound like something that has anything to do with finance or money. Much less something that a financial planner would talk about.

Of course, my financial planner isn't going to help me navigate the nuances around my internal dialogue or emotional experiences. But he does help me structure my life such that I have sufficient time, energy and funding to make that self-improvement work possible.

I believe the entire point of financial planning is to help you create and support the life you feel truly called to live. It's about making your life better. And making your life better really boils down to improving the emotional experience of leading your day-to-day life.

  • Do you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed on a regular basis? Even if on the surface your stressors don't have anything to do with money, there are likely beneficial changes that a good financial plan could facilitate.
  • What dreams do you have for your life? Have you set any aside because they seem unrealistic? Financial planning done right will help you bring those dreams closer to reality.

Of course, no financial plan is magically going to eliminate every obstacle standing between you and your dream life. And perhaps we can't radically change your life in the next week. But most dreams are much more attainable than we think. I've seen this truth play out for others and I've even experienced it myself.

And yup, my financial planner played a key role in me making a big change in my life. (And yes, I also had both a gifted therapist and insightful life coach... I had plenty of help!)

The tool that my financial planner used to help me define and step into a better life was Life Planning. It's the same tool that I use in my financial planning practice.

DIY Guide to Life Planning on my blog! ✍️

Life Planning will help you focus on the most essential elements you need to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life. Creating that life is what the focus of your financial plan should be.

In my two most recent blog posts, I walk you through how to use the Life Planning process for yourself. Check them out and let me know what you think!

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How can I help? 🤔

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Best, Dave

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