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Understand the S-Corp?

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"The clearest explanation of an S-Corp I've ever heard!"

Do you understand the S-Corp Tax Election?

Whether you're thinking about the S-Corp... already have one... or just want to know what the fuss is all about...

This is the (free) S-Corp training you can't live without!

This recorded webinar will help you understand - once and for all - how the S-Corp tax election works.

The webinar will explain in a simple, understandable way:

  • Which taxes the S-Corp tax election reduces;
  • How setting your salary amount is the key driver of tax savings;
  • What Reasonable Compensation means and why it's so important;
  • The increased expenses you'll face;
  • The key non-tax financial impacts you'll need to plan for; and
  • The key points to think through to decide if the S-Corp tax election is the right move for you!

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The S-Corp Training You Can't Live without

"The clearest explanation of an S-Corp I've ever heard!"

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