Hi there! I'm a financial planner for therapists!

Confused by your retirement plan options?! 🫤

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

If you’ve been meaning to figure out a retirement plan for 2024, I’ve got just the webinar for you!

Join Julie Herres and me as we guide practice owners through the maze of retirement options in this webinar.

👉 Click here to register!

Whether you’re in solo practice or a group practice owner, we’ll break down the available choices, contribution limits, and help you figure out the best path for your future.

It’s sure to be an informative session not to be missed if you’re pondering your retirement strategy. 🤔

And if you want to really make the most of the webinar, consider learning some retirement plan fundamentals from some recent blog posts on my website:

As always, if you have any questions about anything happening in your financial life — HIT REPLY and ask away! I read and respond to every email.


PS: Don’t forget to register for this can’t miss webinar on the basics of retirement plans for private practice owners.

Hi there! I'm a financial planner for therapists!

David W. Frank

I help therapists navigate every element of their financial lives: from understanding your practice P&L and building a personal budget to managing student loan debt and investing for retirement... and everything in between. But don't let my love of the tax code and spreadsheets scare you off! You're just as likely to find me with my nose buried in one of Pema Chodron's books as reading up on the latest financial planning techniques.

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